Out-of-Country Property Purchases

If you live in another country and are looking to buy a property in Chicago, we are happy to help you. When you're buying property outside of your country, you require professional assistance to ensure that the purchase is conducted smoothly and to your best advantage. We offer skilled representation in international real estate dealings and international relocation assistance.

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International Home Buyers

Buying property in Chicago can be a great investment strategy. You can find a place that works as a vacation home, a permanent residence, or as a rental property - or a place for your children to live while they attend school in Chicago. What's more, chances are your property value will go up, leaving you with a significant asset in the long term.

It's advisable to take a trip to the neighborhood you're considering buying in for the express purpose of looking at properties and the community. If you can't visit, seek out an experienced and capable professional who can find the type of property you want for a fair price. You may wish to retain an attorney in addition to hiring a real estate agent, so that your property purchase is problem-free - and we can help you with that.

After all, an important part of buying property here is knowing local real estate laws. You should have a good working knowledge of these laws, but if you don't, then it's advisable to retain some kind of local legal counsel experienced in these matters as well as a Chicago real estate professional who can help you find the best property for your needs.

There are many reasons to make Chicago your new home in the United States - many international companies call it their headquarters or have a significant presence here, there are world class schools and universities, amazing museums, popular sports teams, and the city's cosmopolitan nature, melting pot of cultures, dining and nightlife, and overall lifestyle and culture easily compete with any major global city. Not to mention the sheer variety of luxury real estate options! Of course, all of these make Chicago real estate an excellent investment as well.

Relocating to Chicago from Asia

There's no denying the fact that China, India, Korea, and Japan are major players in the international business community, with the rest of the continent quickly following suit. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that citizens of these countries are moving to - and investing in - Chicago real estate, whether it is a permanent home, a place to stay that's more comfortable and personal than a hotel, as a place for their children to live in while they attend school in the U.S., or simple as an investment in one of the world's hottest real estate markets.

The proximity of various cultural enclaves - including Chinatown just south of the Loop, as well as a variety of restaurants, cafes, and world-class grocery stores located throughout the city help ensure that you can still have a taste of home.

Relocating to Chicago the Middle East

With a vibrant international business community and growing architecture scene, it is only natural that there has been influx of Chicago real estate buyers from the Middle East. Whether it is for investment purposes or a more permanent home, purchasing a property in the heart of the city's best neighborhoods is a wonderful way to discover the city and beyond.

What's more, with the Middle Eastern, North African, and Mediterranean communities quickly growing, there are plenty of options to experience a bit of home without leaving the Windy City.

Relocating to Chicago from Europe

With its cosmopolitan nature and melting pot of cultures, both Western and Eastern Europeans will quickly grow to appreciate Chicago - and once you experience the Midwest friendliness and see the spectacular skyline, you'll likely fall in love. 

With world class grocery stores and markets along with a varied dining and nightlife scene that rivals any city in the world along with a spectacular selection of real estate that includes new construction condos that soar above the city to gracious townhomes and elegantly restored historic homes, Chicago makes for a wonderful American home base.

Relocating to Chicago from Central and South America

With one of the largest Hispanic populations in the United States, Chicago is popular destination for Latinos moving north of the border - and we can see why. The growing economic powerhouses of Mexico and Brazil are just the tip of the iceberg - there are neighborhoods home to almost every culture from Latin America and the Caribbean, ensuring you get to experience a bit of home while enjoying all the great aspects of living in Chicago.

Relocating to Chicago from Australia or New Zealand

Aussie and Kiwi newcomers will likely feel right at home with the Midwest's open, friendly attitude and culture - and even more comfortable once they are happily ensconced in their new Chicago condo or other real estate. No matter what your goals are for purchasing property in this country in general and Chicago in particular, we're dedicated to working hard for you and finding you exactly what you want.

Relocating to Chicago From Africa

Like Asia and the Middle East, there is an increasing international business community in Africa that's expanding to the rest of the world, including Chicago. The combination of amazing real estate, wonderful schools, and multiple business opportunities along with a growing population of residents from nearly every nation on the continent makes it a popular choice for relocation to the U.S. from Africa.

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