Here's Why We're Extra Lucky To Live And Work In Chicago This St Patricks Day

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Friday, March 15th, 2019 at 12:15pm.

St Patrick's Day is this week, and that's a holiday that Chicago certainly does well. It's all about the parades, the celebrations of the Irish heritage, and of course, dying the Chicago River green. However, the holiday is also about the supposed luck of the Irish - but you definitely don't have to be Irish yourself to appreciate how lucky you are to live in Chicago. Here are are some of the reasons that we feel lucky that we live and work in Chicago...

The Architecture. Chicago is known for its complex and beautiful architecture that runs the gamut from classic Art Deco and Prairie School styles to Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies Van Der Rohe's creations to Lucien LaGrange's intricate details to new and inspiring eco-friendly buildings by innovative pioneers like Jeanne Gang that are pushing the field and the world forward.

The Natural Beauty. The windy city has plenty of man-made beauty - in fact, the iconic skyline is probably the image that outsiders associate with Chicago the most. However, the natural beauty of the parks, the river, and especially Lake Michigan might be what the residents hold most dear. And there's no shortage of green space - our city's motto is urbs in horto or "city in a garden", after all.

The Sports. If you're at all into watching or playing nearly any kind of sport, Chicago is your playground. Not only do we have two amazing baseball teams, we have world class basketball, football, and hockey teams as well. Plus our soccer team isn't bad either! And if you'd rather play the game yourself, there are popular rec leagues and gyms for most major and plenty of minor sports - plus the aforementioned parks and lakefront make for excellent spots to get a workout in or enjoy solo training if you're a runner, cyclist, or anything else.

The Music, Theater, And Arts. From internationally recognized theater, comedy, and music venues like Second City to smaller joints including spots that played a key role in the history of jazz, the blues, hip hop, and rock'n'roll, you'll never be at a loss for performances to see and new music to discover. And there are more museums and galleries than you can imagine, all capped off by world famous museums like the Field Museum and the Art Institute.

The Food. We've got excellent versions of pretty much everything you could ever want to eat in Chicago, from nearly every possible ethnic to fine dining restaurants that have achieved cult status to celebrity chefs. Just don't ask for ketchup on your hot dog.

The Communities. Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and no where is that more apparent than the neighborhood pride and spirit that residents of each area display. Spend a weekend - or more - exploring each one until you find the perfect place to call home; you'll also never be bored if you live here - just get out to a different neighborhood and you'll feel like you're in a completely different city!

The Real Estate. Of course you're going to mention this part! There's a perfect home (or investment) for everyone in Chicago - and it's just waiting for you and our team of real estate agents to find it. Ready to get starting on finding your own Chicago luck this St. Patrick's Day? Get in touch with us!

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