What Does "Surban" Mean In Real Estate Terms?

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 6:30pm.

What is surban living, and why should you care? You definitely should if you're thinking of buying or selling real estate in a major metropolitan area in 2017. Characterized as a mix of urban and suburban living styles, surban style communities aim to capture the best of both worlds.

For instance, surban developments typically offer proximity to public transit, lots of walkability with entertainment and recreation options nearby along with shops, banks, and fitness centers. Of course, the suburban aspects like relative affordability and excellent schools along with wide open green spaces are also included. Usually there is an easy commute to work in a more urban or downtown environment, along with a fair number of employment options nearby.

Finally, the real estate itself is often more spacious than more urban types of homes, with townhomes, whole or half floor residences, or multi-floor units in high rises being part of the surban landscape. After all, more space is often one of the reasons why people move to the suburbs in the first place! However, with surban-style communities residents don't have to give up the many conveniences and culture of city living - which is why this trend is on the upswing.

Of course, we think the Lakeshore East area of Chicago might be an exemplary prototype of surban living in the Chicagoland area - or perhaps what all the surban communities are really emulating with its urban oasis-style of development. And while we might be a little biased and Lakeshore East is in the heart of the city, not a near suburb as is more common for surban developments, we think we're right.

Interested in learning more about surban real estate and more in Chicago? We've happy to introduce you to Lakeshore East and much more, just get in touch with our real estate team today!

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