Staging Tips And More Advice From Our Real Estate Agents

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Monday, August 11th, 2014 at 11:51pm.


Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a larger Chicago home, or perhaps you must relocate (the Windy City will miss you!), but either it is time to put your Chicago real estate on the market.

Who wouldn't want a view like this?

Determining property value and working with an experienced agent is the first step, of course, but there are other elements to keep in mind as you are putting your place on the market. Here are some of the main things to consider:


It goes without saying that your home should be impeccably clean - consider hiring professionals before an open house or other major showing. Adding some extra interior decor touches like candles, new pillows and bedding, and perhaps new lighting can help too - let your agent advise. Clean up/hide the cords from any electronics as well - you can even just unplug them for a bit. In general, hide clutter.

Also, make yourself and your pets scarce or get out of the house if possible, since it is awkward for potential new owners to discuss the place if the current owner is just in the other room!

Overall - staging is about making your condo or home feel warm, inviting, and allowing your prospective buyers to feel like they could be at home there - but that it is also good investment for them and their family. Think of it like a job interview for your property!

Location and Building Amenities

The key here is to highlight what you do have and move the spotlight off any reasons that your building or neighborhood isn’t quite ideal (that said - we obviously don’t suggest that you hide anything!). Focus on the positives and perhaps the buyer may realize that your place and location have amenities they simply can’t live without.

Timeline and Sentimental Value

Do you need to sell quickly? Or can you leave it on the market for a while or perhaps even turn it into an investment property if your neighborhood or building has a good rental market? Your real estate agent can help you price it accordingly. And naturally, real estate can have sentimental value, especially if you lived there for a while, so avoid letting your feelings cloud your judgment on pricing.

We’re at your service when it comes to helping you make the most of your Chicago property sale - and helping you find your next Chicago home as well!

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