Luxury Condos + Hotels = A Match Made In Real Estate Heaven

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Friday, January 18th, 2019 at 11:29am.


An increasingly popular feature of high rise real estate in major cities around the world is the combination of luxury condos and high hotels - and we think that it might be a match made in heaven. Not only do residents get to enjoy their own condo and customized space, they get all the perks of a top hotel, such as...

Fitness facilities. Fantastic hotels usually have equally fantastic gyms, so you'll be able to stay in shape in style.

Spas. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself, and if you live in a high rise that's also home to a premier hotel property, you most likely can enjoy being pampered at an amazing spa without leaving the building. Now that's luxurious!  

Pools. A beautiful pool(s) and/or hot tubs are usually part of the experience at top hotels, so living in proximity to one means that you'll get to enjoy swimming and relaxing in the water whenever you want.

Concierges. Being able to get coveted reservations, tickets for the theater and sporting events, and other perks of having a concierge available to you 24/7 means that you'll be able to experience the best of the city and enjoy personalized attention and entertainment planning services. It is most definitely a lifestyle upgrade as well as a real estate one.

Housekeeping. This one speaks for itself, but there's something undeniably amazing about being to engage household help with a simple phone call or request.

Fine dining. Often a city's best restaurants are located in its best hotels, and Chicago is hardly an exception to that rule. And living in a hotel/condo building often means that you'll get special access to the dining options, perhaps including room service.

The exceptional Aqua is just one notable condo building in Chicago that has a hotel encompassing several floors - but it might be one of our favorites. And of course, the upcoming (and spectacular) Vista tower will be home to the five star hotel, complete with a state of the gym, a pool with an exquisite garden terrace, the Shui day spa, and a world class restaurant, bar, and lounge.

Interested in combining a real estate investment with hotel living? Get in touch with our real estate agents today and explore the options for Chicago condos with hotel amenities.

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