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We know that living in dorms or in cramped apartments is pretty standard for college students, but some of them (the lucky ones) are choosing to skip the dorms and live in investment properties instead courtesy of their parents, grandparents, or other relatives. Or sometimes the student makes the condo purchase themselves - this is particularly likely in the case of grad students or adults going back to school to make a career change.

In our opinion, it is a nice move if you can swing it. Not only will the student get to live somewhere that's likely more comfortable, private, and spacious than a dorm room, the family will reap the benefits of their real estate investment in the future. That said, it is important to remember that the student

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We're big fans of anything that's eco-friendly and helps make the world a better place - and that's definitely something that we focus on at Magellan Realty and in Lakeshore East in general. In fact, that's one of the reasons why it's our favorite Chicago neighborhood!

And that's what makes us so excited that the latest new construction - the stunning Vista tower - will not only be the third tallest building in Chicago, it'll be the first to include a unique amenity. Vista residents will have access to Tesla's car share program!

The vehicles will be located in the high rise's private garage and users can schedule usage via a mobile app.

In our own words? “Vista Tower’s location provides residents with direct access to the city’s premier

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Well, it's almost summertime. But that's close enough for us and it's time to start planning your most amazing Chicago summer yet! Here are some of our favorite activities...

1. There Is Live Music Everywhere. From major festivals like Riot Fest, Pitchfork, and Lollapalooza to smaller neighborhood or regional shows to the free concerts in Millennium Park, you can see and hear everything from internationally renowned acts to local up and coming groups.

2. So Many Delicious Eats And Treats. All sorts of Chicago favorites simply taste better when the sun is shining and we're at one of the many food festivals that happen in and around the city every summer.

3. You Can Work Out - Outside. Keeping in shape is important year round, of course, but it is

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One of the many reasons we love living in Chicago is the fact that nearly everything downtown is closely connected and pretty easy to get to - even in the winter or stormy weather! In fact, if you're lucky enough to live or work in a building connected to the Pedway, you can access many of the things you need - or just want - without ever having to go outside.

What's more, many of the buildings in our favorite neighborhood - Lakeshore East - are connected directly to the Pedway. And since it covers almost forty city blocks and connects over fifty buildings in the Loop and Lakeshore East, you can cover a ton of ground without having to deal with any kind of inclement weather, which is a major bonus during the winter. And it connects to the Metra

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If you've never lived in a full amenity building, then you might not fully understand how all the amenities come together to create an amazing lifestyle for the residents. However, once you have experienced the many positives that come with living in a luxury high rise (especially one in downtown Chicago), you might never want to live anywhere else again.
And that's because living somewhere with not only a state of the art fitness center in the building, but a party room, wine cellar, business center, outdoor deck(s), a pool (or maybe multiple pools), and grocery stores and a plethora of restaurants nearby might be the ultimate luxury lifestyle. When you have everything you need in your building (or extremely close by), why would you lift a finger?

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Spring is (nearly) here, the concrete is being poured, cranes are rising, and our fair city's new construction real estate is becoming a reality. While there are plenty of interesting projects to anticipate in spring and summer 2017 - and in the Chicago real estate scene in general - we're perhaps the most excited for the upcoming Vista tower and the stunning condos that are rising up along the Chicago river. While there are units in a range of sizes and prices, $2.5 million might be a pricing sweet spot when it comes to both size and views - but of course, all the units are sure to be amazing!

363 East Wacker Drive #3306

This three bed, three bath condo on the 33rd floor will boast excellent views and access to more amenities than residents

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The Vista tower might be one of Chicago's most anticipated new buildings in years - perhaps since it's Lakeshore East neighbor Aqua was completed! This new construction project will be home to some amazing condos that range in price from around $1 million to well, significantly more than that for a full floor unit or a penthouse like the Sky 360 Residences. And while the latter units are most certainly spectacular, the other condos in the building are quite excellent as well. Here's what you can get for approximately $1.5 million in the Vista tower at the moment...

363 East Wacker Drive #1402

Three bedrooms, two baths, and plenty of stunning views of the city, river, and lake from the floor to ceiling windows make this fourteenth floor unit

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One of the best things about living in a big city is that you don't need to own a car - or if you do, you can drive it at your leisure. After all, driving on the open road in a fabulous vehicle can be a blast, but commuting is a chore. Besides, having multiple transportation options available to you at any given time might be the greatest luxury of all.

Which leads us to another reason why living in Chicago is amazing - depending on where you live, you don't need to drive on a regular basis, thanks to a high degree of walkability, excellent public transit including the El, the Metra, and CTA buses, lots of bike paths, and a plethora of cabs, Ubers, Lyfts, and more.

For instance, almost every neighborhood is served by a CTA line or two, and the

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The heart of any major city is always an exciting place - so much is happening, there are tons of things to do and see, and there's always . In fact the energy, the commerce, the culture, and the general vibe of an urban environment like downtown Chicago is especially compelling at the moment due to all the new construction rising upwards and all the excitement associated with that growth.

Much of the change is centered around Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park and Grant Park - which is hardly surprising, considering the North Michigan Avenue retail corridor is home to some of the city's most coveted real estate and dozens of popular shops and restaurants, and the lakefront parks along with the accompanying Museum Campus make for some of most

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While many people seeking downtown condos might be looking for one or two bedroom units, there's an increasing interest - and a corresponding lack of inventory - in living spaces that have a bit more room than the typical open plan kitchen/living room/dining area hybrid and a bedroom or bath or two. However, larger units like penthouses or full floor condos are often difficult to find - and combining two or more smaller units is often easier said than done.

Of course, prestigious penthouse units do come on the market every so often (that's where it helps to have a long term relationship with a great real estate agent (we happen to know a few, if we do say so ourselves). And being aware of these listings practically before they are listed or even

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