How We Define Luxury At Lakeshore East...And Beyond!

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Friday, June 7th, 2019 at 9:29am.

Luxury is a word that is so overused in real estate it has practically lost all meaning. The dictionary defines luxury as being in "rich, pleasant, or comfortable surroundings" or "something desirable, expensive, and hard to get", and while those descriptions certainly can apply to luxury real estate, we think that a truly luxurious home is so much more than that.

Location, location, location. The most stunning home in the world might not be truly luxurious (in your eyes) if it is not in a desirable location. Whether you want to be in the center of a major cosmopolitan city, near the coastline with a spectacular private beach, or up in the mountains with ski resorts nearby, the home that will be the biggest luxury for you is most likely the one that's right where you want to be.

Turnkey Design. There's something to be said for moving into a place where all you need to bring is yourself. There's an increasing desire for properties that are already completely finished and ready for move in - essentially hotel-styled spaces (perhaps that is why hotel-condo buildings have been a growing trend in the previous few decades).

Customization. For some luxury real estate buyers, however, the opposite is true. You may want a space that is a blank canvas where the only limit is your imagination - one that you can make your own personal dream home.

Consciousness or Sustainability. Also referred to as eco-friendly or green real estate, these are the kinds of properties that essentially "give back" to the environment or at least have a small carbon footprint. Just because a property is luxurious doesn't mean that it has to be ostentatious, after all.

Visual Appeal. Whether it is a spectacular and architecturally significant high rise or a palatial estate, luxury real estate is generally meant to be shown off and to make others just a little envious.

It's A Lifestyle. At the end of the day, luxury real estate can really be defined as a home that has all the little touches that enhance your particular lifestyle. Whether it is abundant storage, "smart home" features that you control everything from your smart phone, a hallway or room designed to serve as a gallery for your art collection, on-site wine storage and entertainment spaces, or sweeping views of the city you love, those features are what makes a property a true luxury.

Of course, like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Accordingly, only you can define what luxury real estate looks like for you - but our team of experienced Chicago real estate agents will be happy to help you figure it out!

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