How To Create A Relaxing Saunctuary In Your Downtown Chicago Condo

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Friday, October 12th, 2018 at 10:38am.

Living in downtown Chicago means that you get to experience a lot of energy and plenty of hustle and bustle - it's all part of big city life (and why we love living here). However, being exposed to all the vibrant energy can lead to the need to recharge, so making sure that your condo or downtown home offers plenty of opportunities to relax will make it a real sanctuary. And here's how...

Step 1: Find Your Ideal Relaxation Activity
Finding the right self-care technique or activity is key to unwinding and recharging. It also helps to determine where you should design your relaxation space. If you enjoy reading or other activities like it, your relaxation space should be a quiet area of the home away from high traffic and energetic spaces (i.e. living room, kitchen), like a second bedroom or library. If you prefer more energetic activities like cooking or crafting, center your space around the kitchen, or make a second bedroom into a craft room with easy to clean furnishings and plenty of storage.

Prefer to be yet more active? Exercise can be another form of self-care and is a great mood-boosting way to feel great physically and mentally. If this is your form of relaxation, look for a building or community that includes a cool-down space to relax your muscles after a strenuous workout. You can even invest in a massage chair - or find a building with a spa nearby! If you like to work out at home and have a relatively limited area in your condo, try space-saving exercises like yoga.

Step 2: Finding The Perfect Furnishings

If your space is more intended for lounging or the occasional nap, be sure to find furnishings that are both comfortable and stylish. Living room pieces like these options here come in stylish, yet versatile designs while being hard wearing and comfortable. Having pieces that are durable takes the stress out of upkeep, and gives your pieces longevity to take financial stress out of the equation as well. Choose naturally toned fabrics to bring in soothing color tones into your space, and if you prefer a pop of color, add bright and exciting accent pillows. Your seating choice should also be supportive and a good fit for your body type. Be sure to look for pieces that fit your height requirements, and offer proper leg and back support. We often build tension in these areas in our professional lives, especially if you are stuck at a desk for long periods of time, so look for pieces that help to aid in these problem areas.

Our real estate team has a network of talented interior design professionals, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Step 3: Creating A Spa-Like Ambiance In Your Home

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in your space can have everything to do with how you design your space, including color scheme, furnishing placement, decor, and even the aromas you introduce. Candles and essential oils can be a great way to induce calm through aromatherapy. Do research into different oil combinations to find the ones that best fit your needs and preferences. Candles brought into your space should be clean burning, natural waxed candles, that have naturally sourced fragrances as well. Candles that include essential oils can be a nice way to add these natural scents into your space if you do not own an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils can also aid in muscle pain, headaches, and joint pain when used topically, but you want to be sure to source your oils from a reputable source and be careful if you have allergies, pets or small children. That said, amazing candles, oils, and other scents can go a long way towards making your home feel like a spa!


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