Could Chicago Be The Next Silicon Valley?

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 7:57pm.

Chicago may be the next major global tech hub - the next Silicon Valley. After all, we are a hotbed of innovation, with a large number of leading companies, start-ups, and plenty of young and hungry talent; what's more, we have the wonderful culture and environment to keep them happy, along with a thriving and comparatively affordable but just as luxurious real estate scene. Read more about why Forbes says that Chicago is perhaps the next hotbed of innovation, or contact us to learn more about the possibilities here.

It Starts With Location, Location, Location

Where you should move if you're working in the tech industry (or just want to invest early?) Most of the bigger companies are located in the River North, River West, and the West Loop/Fulton Market districts. And while public transportation is readily available and its not that difficult to get an Uber most anywhere downtown, it can be nice to be able to easily walk or bike to work too - especially in the warmer months.

Its The Good Life - If You Have A Tech Job

One of the things that is attracting tech talent to Chicago is the relatively high amount of well paid jobs in the tech sector - as the aforementioned Forbes article states, the median salary is 67% higher than the rest of the city's workforce, allowing for plenty of luxury. What's more, significant increases in the manufacturing realm make the Windy City an even more attractive prospect in 2015 and beyond.

Thinking of moving to Chicago and/or investing in Chicago real estate? We're happy to help!

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