Chicago Real Estate In The Media: Chicago On The Big And Small Screen

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Monday, March 14th, 2016 at 8:11am.

Chicago is a city with a distinctive personality, so it is hardly surprising that the Windy City has played a key role in many movies and TV shows throughout the years. From all American classics like Home Alone. Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Risky Business to modern favorites like The League and ER, Chicago has left its stamp on cinema in many ways. In fact, Chicago real estate has often played a supporting role as a setting, helping to tell stories that could only happen in the city of Big Shoulders.


Here are some of our favorites:

Risky Business. A young Tom Cruise plays a rebellious Chicago teenager who gets all up to all sorts of trouble when his parents are out of town. Real estate-wise, the movie features everything palatial suburban houses to interesting views from the CTA/El tracks.

ER. A long-running series based on a busy downtown Chicago hospital, there are plenty of shots of the city's streets interspersed through the drama of this series.

Rookie Of The Year. Cubs fans and baseball fans in general probably know and love this movie about a Little League player who miraculously develops an incredible pitching arm and plays for Cubs; it's a must see for fans of historic ballparks for all the great shots of Wrigley Field alone.

Transformers. Both the Age Of Extinction and the Dark Of The Moon were filmed in Chicago, and the city's tremendous skyline plays a key role in the action movie - even if it does get pretty banged up in the end.

The Dark Knight. A modern classic, this showdown between Batman and the Joker was mostly filmed in Chicago, with many iconic buildings and local landmarks clearly recognizable throughout the movie.

The League. This lighthearted comedy features a group of friends living, working, and playing in downtown Chicago; although it is centered around fantasy football, its also a great and humorous look at the lifestyle of young people in the city (and they live in some great apartments and condos).

Home Alone. Well, technically, this took place in the suburbs, but you get the idea. The house itself itself is almost a character in the movie, being the centerpiece around which all the action takes place from start to finish - and it is a great example of the type of elegant yet cozy single family homes available in and around Chicago.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off. This is a true modern classic, and while you enjoy the comedic journey of the intrepid young Ferris, don't miss all the shots of the city (including Wrigley Field). If you live in Chicago and you haven't seen this movie, what are you waiting for? Check it out at one of the Movies in the Park this spring or summer for extra Windy City chops.

Prison Break. Granted, the prison where much of this series takes place in is hardly an example of prime real estate, but there are also plenty of scenes in downtown Chicago and Streeterville, particularly in the first seasons. Check out the main character's loft with views of the River, Lake, and sky line for an excellent example of high rise Chicago living.

Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. Two currently TV series that focus on the heroes of Chicago - the fire department and the doctors and nurses who save lives in the city's busiest ER. Check them out on NBC (or filming around the city) and enjoy the fictional view of some of the hardest workers in the Second City.

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