Celebrating The Art Of Real Estate

Posted by Leila Zammatta on Monday, February 20th, 2017 at 10:00am.

There's a lot of art that goes into finding the perfect piece of real estate. In addition to the actual art involved in the architecture and design of a given space, there's also the art of discerning exactly what a client wants out of a property, and helping them find the perfect new home or condo.

And while much of that art involves knowing the market like the back of our proverbial hands, even more of the artful side of the real estate process involves working with the creatives themselves - plus being a bit creative as we're crafting a listing and presenting a property, or when we're helping buyers determine what property is really their dream home. After all, sometimes finding a truly exceptional and unique property the perfect owners is an art in and of itself!

But we digress. Without the architects, interior designers, and craftsmen who create these dream homes to begin with, real estate agents wouldn't have an art to engage with in the first place. And those realms are where Chicago is truly outstanding, because not only did we invent the skyscraper, we continue to innovate and design amazing new buildings (just look at Aqua and the upcoming Vista Tower at Lakeshore East) as well as preserve our heritage of elegant Art Deco and other historic styles, along with works by architectural luminaries like Mies Van Der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Lucien LaGrange.

And there's more - go inside any number of Chicago buildings and discover high end finishes and incredible smart home technology in new construction and rehabbed historic homes; plus there's any number of unique details and finishes in older homes as well. And we can't forget the remarkable style and creativity of our interior designers and artists who make these houses into real homes!

There's a lot of art that goes into creating a beautiful piece of real estate - and that includes the art of finding the perfect match between a property and its owner, which is where talented real estate agents can excel.

Find yourself inspired by the artful side of the city? Our team of agents are happy to help you explore the market and learn more about both the art and science of Chicago real estate.

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