February 2017

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There's a lot of art that goes into finding the perfect piece of real estate. In addition to the actual art involved in the architecture and design of a given space, there's also the art of discerning exactly what a client wants out of a property, and helping them find the perfect new home or condo.

And while much of that art involves knowing the market like the back of our proverbial hands, even more of the artful side of the real estate process involves working with the creatives themselves - plus being a bit creative as we're crafting a listing and presenting a property, or when we're helping buyers determine what property is really their dream home. After all, sometimes finding a truly exceptional and unique property the perfect owners is an art

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It's Valentine's Day and it's only fitting that we offer a love letter to Chicago. After all, the city does offer residents plenty to love - especially if you're in the market for a new piece of real estate! However, the many amazing properties on the market are only one of the reasons that the Windy City is our Valentine this year. Here are some of the others...


1. Chicago has all four seasons, and they are all spectacular. From festive holidays in the winter and crisp autumn days to celebrating the arrival of spring and the summer heat like no where else, Chicago is the place to be to experience the best (okay and sometimes worst) that Mother Nature has to offer.

2. Our sports teams are exceptional. Not only do we have the World Champion

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If you're interested in Chicago real estate, there's no doubt that uou've seen her work. But have you really gotten to know the woman behind some of the city's most amazing buildings? Meet Jeanne Gang, who recently gave an interview to the Architectural Record that lets you see the mind behind the skyline.

Meet Jeanne Gang - from towers like Aqua and the upcoming Vista in Chicago to buildings in locations that run the gamut from San Francisco to Brasilia, she's putting her mark on the world.

We thought what she said about Aqua was particularly interesting for Chicago real estate seekers and industry devotees alike:

"From the first design for Aqua, we’ve identified a number of strategies for making a tall building more social and helping people

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