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Chicago has plenty of world famous buildings, museums, parks, and more. From our iconic skyline and lakefront to the Willis (Sears) Tower to Grant Park to the Art Institute to Wrigley Field (Go Cubbies!), there's plenty to see in and around the WIndy City.

However, what often gets overlooked by tourists or newcomers to Chicago are the hidden gems or the best kept secrets known only to very savvy locals like our real estate agents. These parks, public buildings, or hot spots are the kind of places that you'd only be aware of if you're in the know - making them perfect for escaping the city crowds or showing off your hometown (or adopted hometown) to visiting friends and family.

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond, one of our favorite hidden gems in Chicago

Here are our favorite hidden gems in Chicago...

Chicago Cultural

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High rise condos and other real estate is often considered some of the most desirable - there's a reason that celebrities, millionaires, and other fabulous people live in the penthouses. And it's not just because the penthouse is often the largest unit in a given building!

Rather, it is because there are certain characteristics associated with living in a high rise building that you simply can't get anywhere else. From the stunning views to the world class amenities, living on top of the city gives you an elite perspective. Here's why we love being physically above it all...

The Views. From the iconic skyline to the river and lake, being an upper story means that you'll be able to see large swathes of the city from an excellent vantage point.

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Labor Day weekend is over and fall is upon us - and while Chicago in the summer simply can't be beat, autumn might be our favorite season of all. Or at least a close second. The leaves are turning, the summer humidity is gone but the sun is still shining, and all of our fall favorites arrive on the menu at local restaurants. Plus, there are tons of fantastic festivals, concerts, and other special events happening throughout the fall. And here are some of our favorites along with this might be the best season of all to live, work, and play in Chicago...

1. Football, basketball and hockey! The Bears are back in town, and so are the Bulls and Blackhawks. Plus there is college football, hockey, and basketball to watch as well. In fact, September and

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