August 2016

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When is a real estate purchase about more than simply buying a home or making an investment?

When you buy a luxury property, it definitely can be - you're not just buying a home, you're choosing a lifestyle. After all, a high end home or condo is often a physical manifestation of the fact that you've reached a certain level or achieved a certain status; it can also be a realization of dreams thanks to its design, location, amenities, and surrounding community. Here's why choosing to purchase a high end home or condo in downtown Chicago is a lifestyle decision as well as a real estate one.

Design. Aesthetics matter, and the properties represented by or recommended by our team of real estate agents are all remarkable in this regard. From the

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Living in Lakeshore East - Chicago's most desirable urban oasis - is its own reward in many ways. The spectacular architecture, the lush green park, the excellent variety of restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and other businesses nearby, the proximity to the Loop, Lake Michigan, and Grant Park, and all the amenities in the various residential buildings make this neighborhood a wonderful place to be. 

However, perhaps the best part about owning real estate in Chicago's Lakeshore East is the community. Not only is the area filled with a vibrant group of professionals, families, students, and empty nesters who have all realized that living in a planned community in a world class near a cosmopolitan epicenter means that you get the best of all

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