April 2014

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Whether you are a long-time Chicagoan or a new transplant to the city, checking out the various blogs run by locals is one of the best ways to discover all sorts of entertainment options, delicious restaurants, and other sources of fun. Here are some of our Chicago real estate company's favorite city blogs:

Chicagoist.com - One of the original city blogs, Chicagoist is a great resource for anyone living in the Windy City, with everything from restaurant reviews, neighborhood news, and links to other local blogs and websites.

EveryBlock.com - The recently relaunched local news website is one of Chicago's best online resources for incredibly local news - you can find out what's happening on each individual block if you want, as per the site's

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Choosing real estate is a major decision in general - and perhaps one of the most significant financial and lifestyle choices you will ever make - so therefore deciding what you truly want and need out of your condo in downtown Chicago is the first step towards being truly thrilled with your next home. Here are some of the major considerations:

The view of downtown from Millennium Park.

The Size: Are you a busy professional who only needs a one bedroom, or do you have children or additional family members? Moving in with your significant other? You may still want a two or three bedroom so you both have space, and room for guests and/or a home office. Do you cook and want a spacious kitchen, or do you care more about closet space and the overall

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Selling a luxury condo can be just as complex as purchasing one, if not more so. Here are our Chicago real estate team's top tips and advice for staging your condo:


The interior of one of our Lakeshore East condos for sale.


1. De-Clutter! This doesn't only include the obvious things likes clearing off counters and tabletops, but closets, cupboards, and any other storage spaces as well. It will make everything look more spacious and neat, which is always more appealing.

2. Scent is Important. Cooking odors, pet smells, and heavy air fresheners or perfumes can all be a turn off to potential buyers. Even if they know the place will be thoroughly cleaned before they take possession of it, first impressions are important and the way a

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Like nearly every one else in Chicago, our real estate team loves all the festivals that occur in the spring and summer - they make dealing with the winters worth it!

Here are some of our favorites, all conveniently located only a short walk or cab ride away from downtown Chicago and Lakeshore East.

Enjoying summer in Chicago.

Do-Division is one of the city's best places to discover new local artists, fashion designers, musicians, and more. Local shopping and great tunes - what could be better? Plus plenty of the Near West side's best restaurants set up booths and special tasting menus for the occasion. Later in the summer, the Chicago Fashion Fest and Fashion Chicago in Millennium Park give local fashionistas something to look forward to as

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