March 2014

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Living in the heart of the Windy City is a wonderful experience for many reasons - as anyone who is lucky to live in Lakeshore East already understands.

1. Convenience - Being close to virtually everything in Chicago makes like easier overall.  A shorter commute, being only a minute's walk from the grocery store (or you can just get them delivered)

2. The Pedway - Not having to go outside during one of the Second City's brutal winters is wonderful in and of itself, but the ability to reach your office without venturing out into freezing temperatures makes Lakeshore East's location a serious bonus for anyone who works downtown.

3. The Views - Being able to see the Lake, the Chicago skyline, and the most beautiful parks in the city right from

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If you have children (or are planning on having them in the near future), considering the nearby school options is an important factor when it comes to choosing a new home. Fortunately for those seeking to purchase a condo in Chicago, Lakeshore is home to the new GEMS World Academy, and there are plenty of other amazing schools in the downtown area as well, from preschool to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and globally renowned universities. Just because you (understandably) want your kids to get an amazing education doesn't mean you need to move to the suburbs!

The new GEMS World Academy (image courtesy of


One of the best aspects of living in Lakeshore East if you are a parent are the excellent

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Whether you currently live in downtown Chicago or aspire to move to the Windy City, chances are you have a smartphone. Here are some of the best apps that will making living here easier and more efficient.

These are the apps that make living in downtown Chicago even better.

Chicago City Guide and Offline map - this app is an invaluable resource for anyone who lives in Chicago, allowing for access to maps regardless of where you are currently located or whether you have wireless service (hey, it can be spotty in some parts of the city or on the El).

Chicago Traffic Tracker - the ultimate way to navigate (relatively) painlessly through the city.

Faspark - the easiest way to find a convenient parking spot in the city with driving in endless

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