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One of the best things about Chicago is how we celebrate...basically everything! But the lunar new year - or Chinese New Year - is particularly special, and not just in Chinatown. That said, the parade there is pretty amazing, and we love seeing it - and all the colorful pictures - every year. And it's especially amazing to be living in a city that has multiple Spring Festival parades!

Chicago has one of the largest Chinatowns in North America, but the celebration extends throughout the city with events at Navy Pier, the Chicago Symphony Center, the Art Institute, and more. The Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is one of the most popular Chinese holidays, and it's meant to honor one's ancestors and kick off the new year, and much of it is centered

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If you've never lived in a full amenity building, then you might not fully understand how all the amenities come together to create an amazing lifestyle for the residents. However, once you have experienced the many positives that come with living in a luxury high rise (especially one in downtown Chicago), you might never want to live anywhere else again.


And that's because living somewhere with not only a state of the art fitness center in the building, but a party room, wine cellar, business center, outdoor deck(s), a pool (or maybe multiple pools), and grocery stores and a plethora of restaurants nearby might be the ultimate luxury lifestyle. When you have everything you need in your building (or extremely close by), why would you lift a

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There's a lot of reasons to love living above it all, especially when you live in Chicago. And that's why we love high rise living in this city in particular. Here are the top ten reasons why living multiple stories up in Chicago is so desirable...

1. We've Got Views For Days. No one doubts that some of the best views in Chicago are available from our tallest buildings, and wouldn't you like to see that for yourself? Every day from your own living room, bedroom, etc.?
It's Quiet (For A City). Once you're up high enough, the city noises nearly disappear.
3. These Buildings Have Gyms. And high end ones at that, so no need to pay for membership that also requires you to go outside or maybe even drive.
4. And Other Amenities.
Party rooms, guest suites,…
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We all love to describe homes as luxurious, but when it comes to real estate, luxury is a word that is so overused that it has practically lost all meaning. The dictionary defines luxury as being in "rich, pleasant, or comfortable surroundings" or "something desirable, expensive, and hard to get", and while those descriptions certainly can apply to luxury real estate, we think that a truly luxurious home is so much more than that.

Real Luxury means living somewhere that's comfortable in more ways than one. For instance...

Location - Living somewhere where you don't even need to own a car is real luxury for some of us, and there's definitely something about living downtown that cannot be equaled anywhere else, especially in Chicago. And no one can beat

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New construction tends to get all the press, especially in Chicago, where it seems that fabulous new high rises and other spectacular real estate is popping up all the time. However, that new construction feeling often comes at a premium - which is something that not every home buyer may prize. If you fall into that category, you may want to consider checking out the re-sale market for relatively recently completed buildings, since you'll often get all or nearly all the same features, benefits, and amenities accompanied by a more attractive price tag.

Some of the re-sale condos and homes currently on the market include...

340 East Randolph #4702 - This two bedroom in one of Lakeshore East's most desirable buildings has extra high ceilings, bamboo floors, and…
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Chicago winters don't have the best reputation, but anyone who's lived in the city knows it might actually the best time of the year. The chilly weather leads to commiseration and everyone helping each other out, and the city really does look spectacular under a blanket of ice and snow. Plus, no where does delicious comfort food better! That said, there are five reasons why winter is actually the best season to live in Chicago...

1. The Community Comes Together. Whether you are making your way through the snow or you are already safely warm and inside, there's nothing like the sheer commiseration of dealing with snow and ice together that makes people more likely to chat, help each other out, or otherwise recognize that we're all in the same (frozen)…
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It's a good time to be in Chicago (we say that even though it's snowy and freezing), especially if you're thinking of buying or selling a home. Or perhaps you're thinking of both! Either way, we think it's going to be a great year. And not just because there's a lot of progress being made on our upcoming Vista tower and so much other exciting news and developments happening in the Chicago real estate world.

What To Consider If You're Buying in 2018?

If you're planning on buying a new home in 2018, we're excited for you! There's a huge range of options on the market, from luxury condos in the heart of downtown to single family homes in coveted neighborhoods with excellent schools. And if you want something high end that closely resembles the new

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Chicago is famous for its luxury condos, and for the amazing buildings they're in. And no wonder! It seems like every year brings a new architectural marvel to the Chicago skyline. With all the innovative options, it can be overwhelming to try to narrow down your search. Whether you're looking for a second residence for when you're in town, or you want to find a luxury penthouse for sale in Chicago, knowing where to look is half the battle.

While great new buildings have been popping up all over the city, the real heart and soul of new development in Chicago is Lakeshore East. With Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, and Millennium Park all around it, Lakeshore East is in an unbelievably good location. Not only can you walk to your job in the Loop

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High end, ultra-luxury penthouses with fabulous sweeping views of the city tend to get all the coverage from the Chicago real estate press - and for good reason, they are pretty amazing! However, there are plenty of other luxurious, high end options on the Chicago market that don't garner the same buzz, or come with the same price tag.  But they can be just as amazing for the right buyer! And if that buyer is you, you know what to do - get in touch with our real estate team. On to the listings...

225 North Columbus Drive #6306

This two bed, two bath condo has absolutely unbeatable views of the city and lake framed by floor to ceiling windows and a pair of balconies. There's plenty of closet space, an in-unit washer and dryer, hardwood floors, and

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Spring is (nearly) here, the concrete is being poured, cranes are rising, and our fair city's new construction real estate is becoming a reality. While there are plenty of interesting projects to anticipate in spring and summer 2017 - and in the Chicago real estate scene in general - we're perhaps the most excited for the upcoming Vista tower and the stunning condos that are rising up along the Chicago river. While there are units in a range of sizes and prices, $2.5 million might be a pricing sweet spot when it comes to both size and views - but of course, all the units are sure to be amazing!

363 East Wacker Drive #3306

This three bed, three bath condo on the 33rd floor will boast excellent views and access to more amenities than residents

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