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Chicago is famous for its luxury condos, and for the amazing buildings they're in. And no wonder! It seems like every year brings a new architectural marvel to the Chicago skyline. With all the innovative options, it can be overwhelming to try to narrow down your search. Whether you're looking for a second residence for when you're in town, or you want to find a luxury penthouse for sale in Chicago, knowing where to look is half the battle.

While great new buildings have been popping up all over the city, the real heart and soul of new development in Chicago is Lakeshore East. With Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, and Millennium Park all around it, Lakeshore East is in an unbelievably good location. Not only can you walk to your job in the Loop

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High end, ultra-luxury penthouses with fabulous sweeping views of the city tend to get all the coverage from the Chicago real estate press - and for good reason, they are pretty amazing! However, there are plenty of other luxurious, high end options on the Chicago market that don't garner the same buzz, or come with the same price tag.  But they can be just as amazing for the right buyer! And if that buyer is you, you know what to do - get in touch with our real estate team. On to the listings...

225 North Columbus Drive #6306

This two bed, two bath condo has absolutely unbeatable views of the city and lake framed by floor to ceiling windows and a pair of balconies. There's plenty of closet space, an in-unit washer and dryer, hardwood floors, and

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Spring is (nearly) here, the concrete is being poured, cranes are rising, and our fair city's new construction real estate is becoming a reality. While there are plenty of interesting projects to anticipate in spring and summer 2017 - and in the Chicago real estate scene in general - we're perhaps the most excited for the upcoming Vista tower and the stunning condos that are rising up along the Chicago river. While there are units in a range of sizes and prices, $2.5 million might be a pricing sweet spot when it comes to both size and views - but of course, all the units are sure to be amazing!

363 East Wacker Drive #3306

This three bed, three bath condo on the 33rd floor will boast excellent views and access to more amenities than residents

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Spring is here, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the "for sale" and "sold" signs are going up, at least figuratively. And while Chicago's many neighborhoods all possess their own charms, the most consistently popular areas are almost always the neighborhoods centered around the Loop. The heart of the city both geographically and economically, Chicago's downtown properties are pretty remarkable investments - and they can be pretty amazing to live in too!

Lakeshore East. We might be a little biased, but we think this urban oasis just east of the Loop, next to the river and the Lake might be the best location in the city. Not only do you have easy access to downtown, it's a quick trip to visit nearly any other Chicago neighborhood.

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St Patrick's Day is this week, and that's a holiday that Chicago certainly does well. It's all about the parades, the celebrations of the Irish heritage, and of course, dying the Chicago River green. However, the holiday is also about the supposed luck of the Irish - but you definitely don't have to be Irish yourself to appreciate how lucky you are to live in Chicago. Here are are some of the reasons that we feel lucky that we live and work in Chicago...

The Architecture. Chicago is known for its complex and beautiful architecture that runs the gamut from classic Art Deco and Prairie School styles to Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies Van Der Rohe's creations to Lucien LaGrange's intricate details to new and inspiring eco-friendly buildings by innovative

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The Vista tower might be one of Chicago's most anticipated new buildings in years - perhaps since it's Lakeshore East neighbor Aqua was completed! This new construction project will be home to some amazing condos that range in price from around $1 million to well, significantly more than that for a full floor unit or a penthouse like the Sky 360 Residences. And while the latter units are most certainly spectacular, the other condos in the building are quite excellent as well. Here's what you can get for approximately $1.5 million in the Vista tower at the moment...

363 East Wacker Drive #1402

Three bedrooms, two baths, and plenty of stunning views of the city, river, and lake from the floor to ceiling windows make this fourteenth floor unit

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We all do (nearly) everything from our phones, and that probably includes searching for real estate! If you're in the market or just interested in the real estate scene in general, you probably already have the obvious property-seeker options like Zillow and Redfin. However, there are some apps that are unique to Chicago that you might find particularly useful. here are a few of our real estate team's favorites...


312go - All sorts of fun facts and trivia about Chicago, delivered as you move about the city. You can get to know Chicago detail by detail, and block by block.

Houzz - Once you find that beautiful piece of real estate to call home, you have to decorate it! This interior design app helps you source everything from the perfect

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There's a lot of art that goes into finding the perfect piece of real estate. In addition to the actual art involved in the architecture and design of a given space, there's also the art of discerning exactly what a client wants out of a property, and helping them find the perfect new home or condo.

And while much of that art involves knowing the market like the back of our proverbial hands, even more of the artful side of the real estate process involves working with the creatives themselves - plus being a bit creative as we're crafting a listing and presenting a property, or when we're helping buyers determine what property is really their dream home. After all, sometimes finding a truly exceptional and unique property the perfect owners is an art

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It's Valentine's Day and it's only fitting that we offer a love letter to Chicago. After all, the city does offer residents plenty to love - especially if you're in the market for a new piece of real estate! However, the many amazing properties on the market are only one of the reasons that the Windy City is our Valentine this year. Here are some of the others...


1. Chicago has all four seasons, and they are all spectacular. From festive holidays in the winter and crisp autumn days to celebrating the arrival of spring and the summer heat like no where else, Chicago is the place to be to experience the best (okay and sometimes worst) that Mother Nature has to offer.

2. Our sports teams are exceptional. Not only do we have the World Champion

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If you're interested in Chicago real estate, there's no doubt that uou've seen her work. But have you really gotten to know the woman behind some of the city's most amazing buildings? Meet Jeanne Gang, who recently gave an interview to the Architectural Record that lets you see the mind behind the skyline.

Meet Jeanne Gang - from towers like Aqua and the upcoming Vista in Chicago to buildings in locations that run the gamut from San Francisco to Brasilia, she's putting her mark on the world.

We thought what she said about Aqua was particularly interesting for Chicago real estate seekers and industry devotees alike:

"From the first design for Aqua, we’ve identified a number of strategies for making a tall building more social and helping people

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